ANDREW BLANCHARD – began DJ’ing in Fort Worth in 2006 in places such as Aqua Lounge, Bent, Halo Lounge, and Esoterica. Vinyl records were his preferred medium at this time because it was the roots way of DJ’ing. “I became a DJ because I had been laid off from my job in home construction and I was tired of having someone tell me what to do. So, I took my severance check, bought two turntables, a mixer, and some records, and sat at home teaching myself how to DJ. I chose vinyl because I am infatuated with the history of music and that seemed like the most fun way of DJ’ing. The CD-J’s never interested me.”  Andrew has always been into roots music like bluegrass and reggae because it helps you realize where all other music came from.  DJ’ing in Fort Worth was a bit difficult for him because he chose to only spin house and breaks, which are not the preferred type of music there. But in 2007, he won the Best DJ in Fort Worth through the Fort Worth weekly magazine for DJ’ing at Halo Lounge. Soon after, he began DJ’ing in Dallas at Martini Ranch and became a member of the legendary DJ crew, Since then, he has become a much more versatile DJ, spinning all genres of music, not just house and breaks. Electro-House and Hip-Hop have become his preferred styles and now he spins with Serato as opposed to vinyl.

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