HABITUAL -What would Kelly Phillips, better known as Habitual, do without music!? Throughout his journey in life music has always been there for him! At the age of 6 he would jam out on his playskool turntable. That’s right! Playskool, that tan and blue “plastic-joint” from back in the day. The only two records he had were Michael Jackson ”The Way You Make Me Feel” and Survivor ”Eye Of The Tiger”. That boy wore those fuckers out! MC Hammer ”Ice Ice Baby” was his first cassette tape, he is a product of the 80s and early 90s! While Kelly would be dancing around the house, MTV was playing videos such as: Beastie Boys ”Fight for Your Right”, Run DMC ”Walk This Way” , and LL Cool J ”I’m bad” the list goes on! In 6th grade his music world was forever changed when his Aunt Beth sent him a huge box full of CD’s! Some of that music had never made it to the store shelf, some of it he had already heard! It had so many genres it was almost overwhelming, but he did it! He made it through the entire box, every cd, every track! The melting pot of people grew, and so did the music that was in it. Bad Boy Bill, Chemical Brothers, and Keoki are a few artist that were my launch pad into the kick ass world of electronic music!

Kelly got his ”DJ Starter Pack” when he turned 18! The only reason he got it, he liked the idea of scratching. The turntables sat in the box, in the corner of his apartment for 9 months. Line? Phono? What does that mean? Finally he got the turntables working, and his first two vinyls that he put on were ”Rapture”, and Baby Anne ”Probe”. Beat-matching is a desired skill among all DJs, and at the time Kelly had no clue. He had always had big speakers and enough juice to push them. He went and bought the best mixer on the market, which at the time was the Pioneer DJM 600. He pissed off a lot of people for a long time making a bunch of noise but he never quit. He found more people and more music, then Jute-boxed it up doing house parties for a bit. Kelly saw how music brought people together in many ways different than before. His first real gig was at Zephyrs, where he played for free to get his name out in the streets. Lugging a full set up Tuesday through Friday and sometimes Saturday was rough but necessary. He bounced around after that and played at places such as: Chuacers, Carson’s, Micks, M street, Cafe Miso, and Martini Ranch. He struggled to find a spot where he could play what the fuck he wanted to play!

On his path as a DJ, Kelly came across a group of DJs called ”12-Inch Pimps”. They were playing what the fuck he wanted to hear! If he wasn’t at his gig he was at theirs. He slowly elbowed his way into the opportunity to be the Guest DJ one night. He kept on pushing and kept on playing. Through his work with the 12-inch crew Kelly noticed a unique passion for what they do. When the time came, the Crew asked him officially, and there was no hesitation on his end! What a diverse group of talent, drive, and love for music! Of course he wanted to be apart of that! His is now doing work, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Kelly has been flirting around with the production side of music for a few years now. He is not really where he wants to be yet, but he is staying open minded, and he is always looking to collaborate! Kelly likes to make, play, and listen to all kinds of music! Anything funky, bouncy, heavy, driving, rolling, dark, evil, and sexy! He wants to keep this electronic dance music joint moving! His boy Gahlen gave him his DJ name ”HABITUAL” because he is always crossing the line. Kelly will continue to do so and one day, you will hear his music!! He would like to have a no profit organization; a school where kids with little or no means can learn all aspects of music. He believes that its important to give back, because music has done alot for Kelly, and will always be apart of his life. Everybody should have that opportunity. HERE WE GO!!

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  • Every Sunday – Naked Sunday – Mantus – Dallas, Tx
  • Every Wednesday – Viper “We Love House” – Dallas, Tx
  • Every Friday – Mantus – Dallas, Tx
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